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AFL's bring you a state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment services integrated into your business.

AFL knows how to implement and manage in a seamless and cost-effective way the flow of goods, money, and information in e-business.

The warehousing operations provided by AFL are flexible and efficient, and can be adjusted to customers’ requirements in a short period of time. It guarantee the highest level of functionality and problem-free processing for its customers.


In terms of e-logistics, services provided to customers can be divided in four competencies, tailored to the customers’ needs:

– Warehouse management
– Pick & Pack
– Delivery management
– Reverse logistics

Distribution Center

Facility type
Hong Kong – Industrial building (multi-storey warehouse / Distribution centre)
Shenzhen – Landed warehouse (logistics park)

Geographic locations
Hong Kong – Terminal 4, Hutchison Logistics Centre (HLC)
Proximity to container port terminal
Shenzhen – Shenzhen International Logistics Centre
Mei Lin, Shenzhen

Total storage capacity and Area
Hong Kong – ~40,000 pallets [ 580,000 ft2]
Shenzhen – ~20,000 pallets [220,000 ft2]

Material Handling Equipment
Forklifts, pallet jacks, VNA trucks, and pallet movers

Racking and Shelving
Block stack, Drive-in, VNA and Shelving

Site security
CCTV, access control, and security guard is in force within AFL site
Strict control on incoming and out-going vehicles
Access control at the main entrance of Center (operated by building landlord)

Fire Control and Sprinkler System
Tested and maintained on regular basis
Comply to Government Requirement

Experienced staff in handling different types of picking activities
Full Pallet Picking, Case Picking and Broken Case Picking

Experienced staff in handling SAP WMS and warehouse administration
Handle ~ 41,000 SKU in WMS
Goods Receiving
Stock Transfer between Bin Locations and Warehouses
Goods Repackaging
Pick List Generation
Usage of Handheld for Picking (RF Readiness)

Capable of following FIFO stock rotation

Experience In Handling stock take and cycle count
High Stock Accuracy