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Deliver your parcel to worldwide, as easy as to next door.

AFL offers a wide range of customized solutions for e-commerce ventures, from delivery-fulfillment to warehousing to customs clearance. Tell us more about your needs, so we can assist you better.

The top of cosmetics retailing group in Hong Kong
AFL have been co-operate with them since 2012. In 2016, we assisted their company’s online shop fulfillment center from Hong Kong remove to China cross-border bonded area (CBE). AFL had completely transitioned that online shop logistics operations to a centralized network design. The daily sales parcels handling capability from 5,000 to 20,000, increased by 400% in half year. At the same time, they had reduced total logistics costs by 75%. From the customer placed order to the delivery can be completed within 3 days, the rate of on-time delivery has increased to 80%.”

A global first-class e-shop company in CHINA
In response to the regular special offers of the well-known European brands through this company, our e-fulfillment center in Europe of AFL will definitely meet the needs of her.
The European Suppliers of her will directly deliver goods to our e-fulfillment center in Europe of AFL. We will base on their Daily Ordering Quantity to provide air freight services (from the center to China cross-border e-fulfillment center), in case there is any slow-moving items, AFL will return them directly to the suppliers. Therefore, we might be the perfect partner of suppliers who seek for squeezing cost on tax, delivery & time.